4 trends shaping the travel startup ecosystem

We can assist travelers with all of their visa needs. But we also envision a day when those visas are permanently stored in a blockchain environment and accessed through password keys, eliminating not only fraud but the terrible hassles involved if and when passengers misplace or have their passports stolen. It’s a technology that holds great promise for our industry. Read more

9 Small Business Trends to Watch in 2018

After the Equifax data breach last year, cyber security became a hot topic among small businesses. Spending the time and money to make sure the business, as well as its customer’s data is safe, is now a major focus point. More small businesses are also realizing that in addition to safety measures, they need to invest in testing to ensure they are up to par. Read more

5 Tips on Getting Your Passport and Avoiding Travel Headaches

There are several reasons why passport demand is at an all-time high, for both applications and renewals. Entrepreneur Adam Boalt launched his newest company, govWorks, earlier this year with the mission to change the way the public interfaces with both federal and foreign governments… Read more

How the Startup of the Year Competition Impacts Its Winners

Innovate! and Celebrate conference descended on downtown San Francisco for its fifth annual Startup of the Year event. Adam Boalt is planning his next startup. I spoke to him about his new company and how he was able to build on his 2015 Innovate! and Celebrate win… Read more

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govWorks Difference

  • Passport Renewal Intuitive Process

    govWorks simplifies documents

    Our innovative platform makes complex documents easy to understand and fill out, while also saving you a lot of time.

  • Passport Renewal Security and Compliance

    Secure personal data management

    Our digital vault is a secure, centralized identity repository that stores information to be reused for future applications.

  • Passport Renewal Real-Time Visibility

    Real-Time Mobile Tracking

    Get real-time status alerts and track the progress and whereabouts of your documents using your mobile device.